Street art to champion Manchester social justice organisations

Guns to Goods is delighted to have been selected to participate in Cities of Hope, a social action campaign bringing international street artists together with local charities and community organisations to highlight important issues.

Pichiavo - North West Walls, Belgium 2014

Partnering up with renowned Spanish artists Pichi & Avo to explore the theme of conflict, we are very excited about their plans to create a unique street mural encompassing the facade of an entire building in Manchester’s popular Northern Quarter.

With a vibrant signature style, the piece is sure to attract a lot of attention, highlighting the power of artistic activism.

Find out more about Cities of Hope, the talented international artists and the social justice organisations through the website

Pichiavo - Intramurs, Valencia 2015

You will be able to see the artists at work across the Northern Quarter from 21 – 29 May, an intensive nine days that will leave a long lasting impression, adding to Manchester’s rich cultural heritage and bringing street art back to its roots.

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