Ina Norrman

Swedish designer-maker with a background in psychology, Ina Norrman’s studio work is guided by an interest in people and their well-being.

Ina is also interested in how the process of making might be used as a therapeutic tool. Although craft has long been used within the field of occupational therapy (albeit to lesser extent in the last 20 years) the psychological effects have more recently started to be researched.

Experienced in working within a Mental Health setting both in Sweden and in England. Ina has contributed to running a community centre for out-patients for the Trelleborg council, Sweden as both a supervisor and a tutor. The centre focused on therapeutic change through daily activities and different types of making processes.

As a result of these interests, I have also become part of the creation of ‘Collective Exchange’ during my current Designer in Residency at Middlesex University. It is a community-based exploration in how the making process can bring communities together and unveil stories and a sense of belonging. ‘Collective Exchange’s’ blog can be followed at