Paul Haywood

Paul Haywood and Sam Ingleson originally met and started to collaborate work with Erinma and Ray Bell, and others, in 2008 when they began to explore the possible options and practicalities of recycling metal from weapons destruction for uses in design and art. He is a co-founder of Guns to Goods and continues to work alongside Karen Lyons and Kelly Burgess as they seek to extend the work of the group and to source viable and contemporary creative outputs that deploy gunmetal in their production.

Paul initially studied Fine Art painting at Trent Polytechnic, an Art Teachers Certificate at Goldsmith’s College, and then a Masters of Fine Art in the Sculpture Department at Reading University. Since those days he has been mostly focussed on creative practices that connect different communities, interests and needs. These tend to be activities that make direct use of artistic processes. As such he has built up a number of long term projects and collaborative partnerships that relate to painting, and to education and to sculpture. Paul has worked with the designer Maxine Kennedy on a series of landscape colour studies, since 2011. They are currently working with a mass participation colour mapping archive, collecting colour observations from people around the world into a single web-site: Since 2012, Paul Haywood has been working with Ruth Potts at the University of Salford to design and produce educational tools to support open and informal adult learning. Starting in 2014, they have been collaborating on new design solutions with adult learning network organisations across UK and Europe.

Paul Haywood is the Deputy Dean of the School of Art and Design at Middlesex University. He is Professor of Fine Art Social Practice. He holds an honorary Chair in Creative Community Engagement at the University of Salford. He is the joint Chair of the National Association for Fine Art Education. Paul continues to paint and has a space with Karen Lyons at Ebor Studios in Littleborough.